Temporary Anchorage Devices

While traditional braces can do a lot of work with just brackets and a crosswire. But, some teeth require a little extra attention. Temporary anchorage devices exert a unique type of force that accelerates wanted movement while resisting unwanted movement.

What are Temporary Anchorage Devices?

Temporary anchorage devices serve a very specific purpose. They are miniature screws placed in the bone above the teeth. It helps progress treatment and is removed once it’s served its purpose.

What are the Benefits of Temporary Anchorage Devices?

This small device affects movement by working to exert specific force, moving your treatment along. The benefits of temporary anchorage devices include:

Swifter Results

More Accurate Treatment

Efficient and Effective Changes

Will I Need Temporary Anchorage Devices?

If you feel that your treatment is taking too long, or are looking for effective results in a shorter amount of time, then Temporary Anchorage Devices would be perfect for you. They will accelerate the results of your orthodontic treatment, leaving more time for you to enjoy your new, beautiful smile.

Do You Need Personalized Orthodontic Treatment in Florida?

Your smile is unique! So, your treatment should be one-of-a-kind. If you’re in need of a personalized orthodontic treatment in Florida, including temporary anchorage devices, contact our team at Moricz Orthodontics to learn more and schedule an appointment!
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