Love is in the Air!

When we think of February, we think of Valentine’s Day and showing the people in our lives how much we love them. However, it’s also important to show yourself some love too – so treat yourself well this month! If getting a smile you love is part of that, we can do a free consultation and smile simulation so you can see what your new smile will look like! In this edition, we’re going to talk about palatal expanders and one of our awesome patients!


What is an expander?
An expander is a custom-made appliance that is used to widen the upper jaw. The appliance fits over the top molars in the back of the mouth. The appliance has two halves that are connected in the middle with a screw.

How does an expander work?

Palatal expanders create more space in the mouth by gradually widening the upper jaw. While this may sound complicated, it’s very easy both to do and to tolerate because the upper jaw develops at two separate halves that don’t completely fuse together until sometime after puberty. Before that happens, the two bones can gently be separated and stabilized over a period of several months. For adults whose suture has fused, surgically assisted expansion is an option.
To activate an expander, you use a special key to turn the screw a minimal amount each day. These turns cause the suture between the palatal bones to widen by gradually moving them apart. Once the desired expansion is achieved, the appliance remains in place for a few more months to allow new bone to form in the gap and stabilize the expansion. Generally, expanders are worn for about six months in total.

What issues does the expander fix?

At your initial consultation, we will evaluate if an expander is beneficial and necessary for you. Commonly, an expander is used to treat the following issues:
1.     Crossbites
The upper teeth should fit around the outside of the lower teeth. In a patient with a narrow palate, it can be the other way around, with the upper teeth biting inside the lower teeth. This results in asymmetrical growth of the lower jaw, which can cause facial asymmetry if it isn’t corrected in time. Wear and fracture to the teeth can also result.
2.     Crowding
In many patients, crowding can be reduced or eliminated with an expander by creating space for the upper teeth to come into the correct positions. This can avoid the need to extract permanent teeth.
3.     Impacted Teeth
An impacted tooth occurs when a tooth that hasn’t come in yet because it is blocked by other teeth. An expander can widen the upper jaw to allow the impacted tooth to erupt into the proper position. This most often happens with canines or “eye teeth.”
4.     Mouth Breathing
A narrow upper jaw makes it difficult for a child to breathe through his or her nose because the roof of the mouth is also the floor of the sinus. This results in mouth breathing, which causes the unhealthy inhalation of unfiltered bacteria, dry mouth, and potential gum disease and bad breath.
5.     A More Beautiful Smile!
Expanding the palate can create a wider, more esthetic smile. Expansion can also reduce the time that braces are required.

Meet Ryan, One of Our Expander Patients!

Dr. Moricz used an expander to correct a crossbite and widen the adorable smile on our amazing, fun-loving patient, Ryan! Ryan is a busy young man who comes from a busy family, so we had been planning his expansion for just the right time.
Ryan is a showman! He performs in plays and musicals and was able to do so with his expander in. This showmanship runs in the family, as his dad “Rosco” Nash is a professional comedian (@rosco_nash on Instagram). Dr. Moricz highly recommends catching one of his shows when he is in town. Ryan’s little sister, Ruby, is also active in theater and will soon be getting an expander as well! Ryan’s Mom is the super busy owner and instructor of Hot Yoga 4 You on Clark Road (Dr. Moricz absolutely loves the studio and encourages you to join her in attending a class at the studio).
Dr. Moricz feels so fortunate to have so many wonderful families to work with! You all reward her with so much and it’s so great to share all of your special talents with the Moricz Orthodontics family!

Share the Love

We love our happy, smiley patients and encourage them to share their results and experience (and the love!) with their family and friends so that they can also achieve a great smile! For every new client you refer to our office that starts treatment with us, we’re offering you $100 off of your bill or a $100 Amazon gift card! Spreading the love is rewarding!



Happy 2020!

We hope that 2020 is off to a fantastic start! Still, looking to find a New Year’s resolution to make this year even better than last year? How about a resolution that makes you healthier, looks more attractive, increases your success, be more likable, and make you happier? This all-in-one resolution is to SMILE MORE! Read on to learn how smiling can improve your year!


Smile to be Healthier!

Smiling releases the feel-good neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins, which reduce stress, lower your blood pressure, reduce your heart rate, and relieve pain.

Dr. Murray Grossan reported on NBC News that smiling releases serotonin, which contributes to a person’s happiness and wellbeing and can boost one’s immune system. “What’s crazy is that just the physical act of smiling can make a difference in your immunity.

A study out of Wayne State University found that “smilers” lived longer than “non-smilers. This research studied pre-1950s major league baseball player cards, and they found that the span of a player’s smile could predict the span of his life. Players who did not smile in their pictures lived an average of 72.9 years, where players who did smile in their photos lived an average of almost 80 years. That’s about seven years added to your life just from smiling!

Smile to Improve Your Fitness

A study out of the University of Missouri – Kansas City (UMKC) found that smiling could give you a thinner appearance. The study had people look at randomized faces on a computer screen, and those who had sad faces were judged as being heavier. Although this is a surprising conclusion, if you are looking to work on your fitness in the New Year, head off to the gym with a big smile to reap the added benefits!

What’s cookin’ good lookin’?

Another study from UMKC found that smiling could make you look younger. In this study, college students were shown photographs of people they perceived to be older but were smiling in their pictures to appear younger than their actual age. Those who were frowning in their photos were perceived as being older than their age.

A smile is like a natural face-lift (and is much cheaper)! A smile lifts your face, turns up the corners of your mouth, and raises your entire face, including your cheeks, jowls, and neck.

Smile for Success!

The University of California – Berkeley conducted a 30-year longitudinal study that examined the relationship between smiles in an old yearbook and the students’ fulfillment and length of marriages, how highly they would score on standardized tests, wellbeing and happiness, and how inspiring they would be to others. Those who smile the widest in their yearbook photos scored the highest on all of the above!

Ron Gutman, the author of Smiles also found that smiles can predict fulfillment in marriage. The smiles of students were measured, and these ultimately predicted how long-lasting and satisfying the person’s marriage would be.

Smiling is contagious!

Two studies from Uppsala University in Sweden found that when someone around us smiles, we smile too! Seeing other people smile suppresses the control we have over our facial muscles, compelling us to smile.

A study done at Penn State University confirmed that when we smile, we not only appear more likable and courteous, but we are perceived by others to be more competent.

Above all else – Happiness!

If nothing else, this one does it for me. Sarah Stevenson tells Psychology Today that the act of smiling activates neural messaging that benefits your health and happiness. Smiling activates the release of neuropeptides that inhibit stress and the feel-good neurotransmitters dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin. The serotonin release serves as an antidepressant.

British researchers found that one smile can provide the same level of brain stimulation as up to 2,000 chocolate bars. I certainly can’t eat that much chocolate! Researchers also found that smiling can be as stimulating as receiving up to $20,000 in cash.

Smile More!

Although smiling seems easy, we know that life can get stressful and busy. Studies have shown that children smile up to 400 times a day, whereas 30% of adults smile more than 20 times a day, and 14% smile five times or less a day. So consider some mindful smiling as a sustainable resolution and one that seems well worth it.

If you’d like to improve your smile, give a call for a complimentary consultation! We have many parents who join their children in getting a beautiful smile. It’s not too late!


Holidays at the Office!

We hope you all had a great holiday season! We celebrated the holidays in the office with lunch, holiday sock and sweater day! Check out our style!

Refer a Friend Program

We encourage our happy patients to share their results and experience with their family and friends so that they can also achieve a great smile! For every new client, you refer that starts treatment with us, we’re offering you $100 off your bill or a $100 Amazon gift card. Spreading love is rewarding!



Happy Holidays!

It’s the most wonderful time of year! And 2020 is right around the corner. Can you believe it’s not only a new year, but a new decade ?! Whatever holiday you celebrate, spirits are high this time of year, full of giving and family! This edition will include important information about white spots that result from poor hygiene; a great holiday gift idea; my family’s favorite holiday cookie recipe; and more!

White Spot Lesions

Getting braces off is often one of the happiest days for orthodontic patients. However, after all the work of creating a beautiful, aligned smile, sometimes little white spots appear around where the brackets were. These white spots, or decalcification, occur when plaque sits on the tooth and around the braces for prolonged periods of time. These spots can be permanent! What can be done about them?

Prevention! The best way to deal with white spots is to not let them form in the first place. Here are some tips to prevent white spots from forming:
  1. Waterpik around your gums, between your teeth, around all braces and appliances.
  2. Brush your teeth around all edges of the braces and gums
  3. Use a fluoride toothpaste or a prescription toothpaste with added fluoride or calcium.
  4. Use an anti-cavity rinse such as ACT
  5. See your dental office routinely for cleanings while in braces
  6. Avoid sugary drinks like soda, sports drinks and juice
  7. Limit the sugar in your diet
If you do have white spots after getting your braces off, talk to your orthodontist or dentist about what options are best for you. Here are some options that might be available to you:
  1. Prescription toothpaste- to help re-mineralize the teeth
  2. Topical fluoride- from your dentist to help re-mineralize your teeth
  3. Tooth whitening- once the mineral has been restored and teeth are strong and healthy again, see your dentist about tooth whitening options. This can bring the rest of the tooth color closer to the color of the white spot making it less noticeable.
  4. Microabrasion- a dental procedure in which the dentist removes a small amount of enamel from the surface of the tooth making the white spot less visible.
  5. Bonding/composite filling- the dentist can place a plastic filling material, the same color of your natural tooth, over the demineralized area of the tooth.
  6. Veneer- your dentist, working with a lab can create a porcelain covering for the front of the tooth that can cover the white spot.

Be Merry, Be Bright – with a Great Smile!

Stumped on a Christmas gift for your child or a spouse? Give them the gift of a great smile (or at least the tools to get one)!
Dr. Moricz highly recommends the Waterpik Complete Care 5.0! Complete Care comes with a separate sonic toothbrush and a water flosser in one device to provide a convenient, complete clean!
Benefits of a Waterpik water flosser:
  • Remove up to 99.9% of plaque from treated areas.
  • Clinically proven up to 50% more effective for improving gum health vs. traditional flossing.
  • Easy to use for those with implants or braces!
If you’re interested in the Waterpik Complete Care 5.0, you can find it here for only $99.99.

Getting Involved

Dr. Moricz and her staff always love to help out in our community and November was full of amazing events that we had the pleasure of being a part of. Here’s what we were up to:
  • Dr. Moricz and her team had a blast at the Pine View Fair – a day full of games, rides, and fun!
  • We were super excited to participate in Pow Wow with the Venice Elementary School community. The event was full of games, food trucks, music, bounce houses, and more all supporting teachers in their classrooms.
  • On November 16th, we helped sponsor the Harvest Festival, benefitting Garden Elementary School. This was another fun-filled event with games, music, dancing, and prizes – all for a good cause!
We look forward to continuing being involved in our community into the New Year!

A Holiday Favorite – Molasses Cookies

To help spread some holiday cheer, here is one of my family’s favorite recipes: molasses cookies. Who doesn’t love a good cookie? Especially freshly baked and made from scratch!
  • 3/4 cup margarine, melted
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1/4 cup molasses
  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cloves
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
  • 1/2 cup white sugar
  1. In a medium bowl, mix together the melted margarine, 1 cup sugar, and egg until smooth. Stir in the molasses. Combine the flour, baking soda, salt, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger; blend into the molasses mixture. Cover, and chill dough for 1 hour.
  2. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). Roll dough into walnut sized balls, and roll them in the remaining white sugar. Place cookies 2 inches apart onto ungreased baking sheets.
  3. Bake for 8 to 10 minutes in the preheated oven, until tops are cracked. Cool on wire racks.


Happy November!

Can you believe it’s already November? The year is flying by and fall is well underway. Thanksgiving is right around the corner. This edition will include an important discussion about Smile Direct Club, what you might not know about Invisalign , being grateful , and we’ll fill you in on what Moricz Orthodontics has been up to the past month!


Not All Invisalign is Created Equal

Invisalign is a great alternative to braces! Invisalign’s clear aligners are a preferred option for many patients and for years has been the go to esthetic option to treat minor crowding and spacing but with recent advancements, Invisalign can now treat issues previously reserved for braces. Problems such as overbites, underbites, severe crowding, spacing, growth modification, extractions, and even pre-surgical orthodontics and be beautifully handled with Invisalign.

Not all Invisalign treatment, however, is the same.
We like to like to say that it was not the brush that made Picasso a legend, but rather it was his skill in knowing how and when to use each brush, stroke, and color to create his masterpieces. The same goes for Invisalign. It’s not the plastic aligners that craft the perfect smile – it’s the orthodontist.
Invisalign offers two basic options:
  1. Invisalign’s team creates a plan for the aligners and the doctor signs off on the plan.
  2. Orthodontists such as Dr. Moricz, who receive special training, can create the movements and outcomes desired using the software themselves to create the aligners.
The first option is not necessarily the best. Do you want a lab tech in Costa Rica (this is where aligners are designed and fabricated) to determine the position of your teeth?
The second option not only yields a better result and is much faster but you can trust that you are getting the highest quality care from a professional . Someone who specializes in creating the ideal smile and occlusion can get you a gorgeous smile AND a functional bite. Dr. Moricz is the artist that can do that. Dentists learn to take care of cavities and create veneers and crowns, but an orthodontist like Dr. Moricz goes through an additional three years of education beyond dental school to study the art and science of the teeth movement and beautiful smiles.
Similar to the Invisalign team creating your aligner prescription, Smile Direct Club sells aligners directly to the patient “consumer” with no clinical diagnosis from an orthodontist.
The ADA filed a lawsuit against SmileDirect Club, which also creates custom clear plastic aligners, for several issues. Among these are claiming that Smile Direct Club customers receive the same level of orthodontic care as actual patients while the company’s affiliated dentists provide virtually no care. SmileDirect Club also tells customers that their individual plans will help fix crossbite, overbite, underbite, and other dental issues; however, they require “consumers” to sign documents saying that their aligners cannot treat bite conditions at all. Lastly, SmileDirect Club has a “small print” obligation, deceiving customers into waiving any and all rights the customer or any third party may have against them.
See someone who specializes in creating the ideal smile and occlusion. Call us today for a free exam and Invisalign simulation to see what your smile could look like in just a few months!

It’s Time to Give Thanks!

Thanksgiving is approaching quickly, and it’s the season of gratitude. Thanksgiving is a big deal in my family, and we have some traditions that we hold true to every year to keep the spirit alive.
The first of these is pumpkin cheesecake! It’s simply not Thanksgiving without it! Here’s my family’s recipe:
  • 1 1/2 c molasses cookie crumbs (I use the soft cookies and turn them into crumbs in the blender or food processor)
  • 5 T butter (melted)
  • 1c plus 1T sugar
  • 24oz. cream cheese (leave out to get soft)
  • 1t. vanilla
  • 1c canned pumpkin
  • 3 eggs
  • 1/2 t cinnamon
  • ½ t clove
  • ½ t ginger
  • Preheat oven to 350
  • Combine cookie crumbs, melted butter and 1T sugar… stir well enough to coat crumbs, but not so much that it turns to paste.
  • Press crumbs into springform pan (and part way up the sides)
  • Bake 5 minutes
  • Combine cream cheese, 1c sugar and vanilla…mix until smooth. Add pumpkin, eggs, cinnamon, clove and ginger…beat until smooth and creamy.
  • Pour into pan and bake for 60 – 70 minutes… (top will turn darker @ this point.
  • Cool and put in fridge before serving.
  • To help top from splitting you can place a pan of water in the oven while cheesecake is cooking
Our second tradition is that we go around the table and say what we are thankful for . It might seem a little obvious and corny, but it is so nice to be grateful for what we have. Dr. Moricz would like to share what she is grateful for with all of you:
“I am thankful to have such a wonderful family of patients. We have so many who support our office by referring friends and family and those who travel from far away to be seen by us. All of you make my career so rewarding. I spend more time at the office than at home, so I am truly blessed to be able to share it with such a great group of people.”
What are YOU grateful for?

Happy Halloween!

While you’re getting ready to make final touches to your costumes and go trick-or-treating with the kids, we’ve compiled some great information for you! Have you ever thought about when orthodontic treatment is needed for you child? Don’t be spooked! This newsletter is full of valuable information regarding early check-ups and preventative treatment for your child. Read on to find out more on this, plus I’ve included braces-safe candy and a new Invisalign product to help you see into the future!

Why Early Check Ups?

In any field of medicine, we know that preventative care is the most effective care. The same applies to orthodontics. Dr. Moricz is very passionate about treatment timing and has shared the following information for you to help your child get the best, healthiest smile early on:
  • When should my child start seeing an orthodontist? The American Association of Orthodontics recommends when your child is 7 years old or when his/her first molars have or should have erupted.
  • Will my child need early treatment? Your orthodontist will give your child an examination to determine if your child has an existing or developing orthodontic problem. Only about 15% of patients need early treatment, but for those patients that do, timing is critical.
  • Why early treatment? Treatment timing can make all the difference in treating and preventing several conditions involving jaw structure and teeth health. Treating conditions when your child is young can help prevent more serious complications when he/she is older that will require surgery.
  • If my child needs early treatment, what types of treatment will he/she receive? Treatment methods vary depending on the problem that needs to be corrected. Some patients need a tooth extracted, some need to stop a thumb-sucking habit, and others might need a palate expander or braces. We highly recommend Invisalign first as it has been producing amazing results with our younger patients.
There are several problems that an orthodontist can fix for your child to help prevent future tooth, gum, and jaw problems. If you notice any of the following in your child, give us a call to schedule an appointment ASAP! 
  • Crossbites most commonly occur when bottom teeth cross over and bite outside of top teeth. This can occur in the front or back teeth. Without treatment, crossbites can lead to a flattened face, protruding jaw or TMD-jaw disorder. Early treatment can prevent surgery later in life.
  • Openbites can be caused by tongue thrust or a finger- or thumb-sucking habit. Openbites can affect both the alignment of teeth and the growth of your child’s jaw. Addressing this problem early can prevent your child from getting teeth extracted or surgery.
  • Protrusion of the maxillary teeth (upper teeth along the maxillary jawbone) puts your child at risk of trauma and can lead to fracture of the teeth and possible root canals.
  • Teeth grinding or wearing of teeth. Whether done in their sleep or while playing or concentrating, kids grind their teeth too! It’s important to protect your child’s enamel early on. We solve this problem with occlusal bonding (seen below). These blue dots protect your child’s teeth and can be used with or without braces!
Other issues that your child may be experiencing: impacted or missing teeth, early loss of second primary molars, crowding, narrow maxilla, deep bite, and habits you think are affecting their smile. 
How do I get started? Give Moricz Orthodontics a call at (941)-451-7005! We’re open as early as 8am and as late as 7pm. We offer a free exam and no referral is needed.

Smile Success Stories

Before you see a new doctor, it can be helpful to hear someone else’s experience. This is why we like to share our patients’ experiences and success stories so that you know that you will not only get top-notch treatment, but also be treated with compassion by Dr. Moricz and all of her staff.
“Highly recommend! Dr Moricz and her staff are amazing! They have made the process of getting braces for my son enjoyable, as weird as that sounds, but it’s the truth. They are the best. So happy we found them.”

New Product Alert: Invisalign Smile View

Want to know what the teeth of your dreams will look like? Well now you can with Invisalign SmileView!
Invisalign is a great option for many patients! Invisalign can treat issues that were previously reserved for braces such as crowding and fixing buckteeth. Invisalign can work for young children as well. Invisalign is also fast and effective.
Thanks to some new technology, Invisalign can now simulate what you’ll look like with your new smile at the end of your transformation. SmileView is only available on your mobile device, so click here from your phone to see your future smile!
Dr. Moricz will be happy to help! We’re currently offering $500 off Invisalign for any family member who is currently in orthodontic treatment at our office. Restrictions apply. Must be full Invisalign treatment. No cash value. Family member must currently be in treatment. Cannot be combined with other discount including insurance.
Have any questions about Invisalign or thinking of starting a program? Make an appointment by calling our office.

Providing the Best Care

Moricz Orthodontics is committed to working together with other dental care professionals to ensure that our patients receive the best, most comprehensive care. This is exactly what the Sarasota Dental Hygiene Study Club allows us to do! Dr. Moricz had the opportunity to give an orthodontic education presentation to the Sarasota Dental Hygiene Study Club. Thank you to Dr. Russo and the amazing dental hygienists of our community who work so hard and gave their time this evening to be able to provide the BEST care for their patients. 

I Have Braces, What Halloween Candy Can I Eat?

In November we are looking forward to participating at the Garden Elementary School Fair and the Pine View School Fair.
We love giving back to the community that has given so much to us!

Halloween Festivities!

We love to be involved and interact with our community. Our own Dr. Moricz and Jessica worked as tooth fairies at the 7 th annual Haunted Trails Halloween event last weekend at Oscar Scherer Park. This year’s event was a hit and we’re so happy we could be a part of it!

Secrets to a Great Smile

Everyone wants a great smile. At Moricz Orthodontics we’re here to help you get one! Read on for the secrets to a great smile (hint: it starts with good dental hygiene), a local sports star making it big with a new smile and how you can earn $100. 

For a Great Smile, Focus on Dental Hygiene

Would you like some secrets to achieving a great smile? Our resident expert, Dr. Moricz, has shared her dental hygiene tips and personal routine with us:
  • I recommend that all my orthodontics patients use a water flosser. I use mine every day even though I don’t have braces anymore. It leaves my teeth clean and even though I drink a ton of coffee, my teeth are pretty white. I credit my white teeth to my Waterpik water flosser. I prefer the Waterpik brand, which is a unit you plug into the wall (the cordless water flossers do not exert enough power to do a good job). Use a full tank of water with a regular tip (not an orthodontic tip) and aim at your gum line, in between your teeth and along your braces.
  • When you brush your teeth, brush along your gumline with gentle strokes. Brush along the top edge of the bracket, make circles over the entire face of the bracket, brush the bottom edge of the bracket and brush on the inside along your gumline. Do this routine from top to bottom, left to right, in a sequence so you don’t miss spots.
  • Using Listerine Zero is a great to reduce puffy gums (gingivitis) and bad breath. The best part is this mouthwash doesn’t contain alcohol and it doesn’t burn. It can also be helpful to use a fluoride rinse.
Here’s a quick look at a good daily dental hygiene routine:
In the morning: 
  • Brush your teeth and gums
  • Use Listerine
During the day:
  • Brush after you eat, when you can
  • The next best option is to rinse with water and chew soft, sugarless gum for a few minutes
In the evening:
  • Use a Waterpik
  • Brush your teeth and gums
  • Floss your teeth
  • Use a fluoride rinse
For some visual evidence of why it’s important to have a good dental hygiene routine, take a look at these photos:

The first photo shows decalcification stains on teeth caused by poor hygiene.
These two photos are before and after shots that show the results of using a Waterpik with no brushing or any other steps. See what a difference it makes!
By following these simple steps to good dental hygiene, you’ll be laying the groundwork for a healthy, beautiful smile.
On September 24, I’ll be giving a talk to the Sarasota Dental Hygiene Study Club about these very topics. I believe working with dental professionals gives patients the best possible care. We’re all in this together, the professionals and you, the patient!

Smile Success Stories

One of Dr. Moricz’s patients is a former Lakewood Ranch High School student who was drafted to the San Francisco Giants baseball team this spring.
Grant McCray will start Invisalign soon. He’s always wanted to do Invisalign, and this treatment will work well for his busy travel schedule.
At one point, Grant thought about doing an at-home aligner treatment, but he’s glad he didn’t because he has to have a fixed retainer and only a licensed dentist can place them.
Another bonus of Invisalign for Grant? It will better protect his teeth from injury since braces can cause trauma for many athletes if they’re hit in the face during a game or practice.
We wish Grant the best with his new smile and his exciting career!
“She definitely goes above and beyond to make sure her patients are happy healthy and taken care of. I highly recommend Dr. Claudia Moricz.”
Penny Snow, mother of Grant
Invisalign for Everyone
You might be amazed what Invisalign can do for you. How fast and easy it really is and with the latest technology, Invisalign can treat issues that were previously reserved for braces like severe crowding and fixing buck teeth. Also very young children 8 can do Invisalign.

Created for Convenience

Moricz Orthodontics understands busy lives and busy families. Dr. Moricz herself has two boys, and as a mom, she understands the importance of flexibility for parents. To accommodate your schedule, our office is open as early as 8 a.m. and as late as 7 p.m. as well as on many Saturdays.

Refer a Friend Program

We thrive on referrals from happy customers. To reward you for spreading the word about Moricz Orthodontics, we’re offering you $100 off your bill or a $100 Amazon gift card for every new client you refer who starts treatment with us. The choice of reward is yours to make — all you have to do is tell your friends and family members why Moricz made you happy. 


Build it Up

Along with running her practice and spending time with family, Dr. Moricz is also an active volunteer. She loves to help one of her favorite organizations, Habitat for Humanity, and she’ll be participating in its Fall Women Build event in October. It’s a chance for women to take part in the important work of building houses for members of the community. If you feel inspired to join in, contact Habitat for more info about how you can help, too. 


Start Smiling with Moricz

Welcome to the first edition of the Moricz Orthodontics newsletter! Here you’ll find information about innovative products we use, what our patients have to say, the details of our newest referral program and how Moricz Orthodontics is different from other practices. Read on and discover why we’re the practice for all of the people in your life who you want to see smiling more often — including you! 

Visit our Website

The Moricz Difference

Choosing the right orthodontist can make a big difference in your life. The right one will not only give you a beautiful smile, she’ll also make the experience an enjoyable one. 
Dr. Claudia Moricz is a well-trained orthodontist who is conscientious, compassionate and convenient. She’ll spend time listening to your concerns and helping to craft the best solution for you. In our office, you won’t be just a number. You will be you — with a beautiful smile to boot!
Here’s what you can expect from Dr. Moricz : 
  • She is compassionate. Dr. Moricz cares about her patients and so does her team. If we need to take more time on oral hygiene or if we need to communicate with a patient’s oral surgeon or dentist, we go out of our way to make sure that happens.
  • She is available. Dr. Moricz spends time with her patients during every treatment and consultation appointment. She’s also available by email or phone if her patients need her. Once her patients have started treatment, she calls them at home to check on them and let them know she’s there if they need her. 
  • She has great hours. We get it. People are busy. An office that’s only open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. isn’t what people need, so our office is open as early as 8 a.m. and as late as 7 p.m. as well as on many Saturdays.
  • She offers full-time care. Unlike some practices, Dr. Moricz is not in the office on a limited basis. She runs a full-time office that provides full-time care for her patients.
  • She’s affordable. The costs of Dr. Moricz’s treatments are much lower than most private practices. She’s able to offer lower prices because she keeps her overhead low, not because she cuts corners, but by being hands on she is efficiently involved with each aspect of patient care. She always uses the highest quality materials. Financing is also available, which can make payments very affordable. 
  • She educates patients. During the initial consultation, she explains treatment options to her patients along with the pros and cons of each. Dr. Moricz also talks with her patients about what to expect with the treatments.
  • She’ll give you options. Not all treatments are right for everyone. Dr. Moricz explains the variety of techniques available because she believes people should be given options so they can make an educated choice about the best treatment for them.
The Moricz difference is easy to see. At its core, it’s about doing our best for you — the patient. And that’s the way it should be.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Before you see a new doctor, it can be helpful to hear someone else’s experience. That’s why we wanted to share these words from Rich, one of our many appreciative patients. Here’s what he had to say about his time with Moricz Orthodontics:
“I met with a few orthodontists before I decided to get my teeth fixed with Dr. Moricz. She knows her stuff and found a solution that worked for me.” — Rich T.

Refer A Friend Program

We thrive on referrals from happy customers. To reward you for spreading the word about Moricz Orthodontics, we’re offering you $100 off your bill, $100 Amazon gift card or $100 CinéBistrofor every new patient you refer to us who starts treatment at our office. The choice of reward is yours to make — all you have to do is tell your friends and family members why Moricz made you happy. 

Consider Ceramics Braces

Are you nervous about getting braces because you’re worried about the way they’ll look? If you are, you should consider ceramic braces . Ceramic braces work like traditional metal braces, but they have a major benefit: they’re barely visible. The small, translucent brackets bonded to the teeth are made of ceramic, which helps prevent staining.
Depending on what the patient wants, Dr. Moricz can do a full or limited treatment (4-6 months) with ceramic braces. It’s all up to you! 

Conscientious, Compassionate, Convenient

Above all, Dr. Moricz cares about her patients. She’s about making your experience positive, from start to finish. You don’t need a referral to visit us, so schedule a free exam today. Come in and discover why Moricz Orthodontics is different. You’ll be smiling in no time.