Incognito Lingual Braces

Smarter Orthodontics

“No one knew I had braces! The digital program showed me exactly what’s to come.”
– Cameron Faus, Sarasota, Florida

Personalized treatment programs, fitting your schedule.

Incognito Hidden Braces is one of the latest advancements in orthodontic options. Hidden behind your teeth, these braces are custom-made to fit only you. Smile confidently your entire way through treatment…no one will know you have braces (unless you tell them, of course). Patient demand for invisible, convenient and comfortable orthodontic care continues to grow. While orthodontists have searched for appliance systems that can deliver predictable, effective and efficient treatment results, there is finally a solution: The Incognito™ Appliance System. The Incognito System brings the option of lingual treatment to the next level. The customized brackets and robotically bent wires are engineered to work together to deliver the targeted result you define through a high-quality appliance system. Plus, they offer enhanced patient comfort due to the low profile customized brackets. With over 100,000 cases treated worldwide, chances are you’ve seen someone wearing them and you didn’t even know it!


Braces are completely hidden, placed behind your teeth. You don’t have to worry about taking them out to eat or the number of hours you must wear them in a day.


Utilizes digital technology to engineer brackets and wires to deliver a precise, targeted result.


100% customized just for you for improved comfort and an efficient treatment

how does it work?

Watch to see how Incognito Braces can help shape your smile.

Incognito Lite

  • An ideal treatment option for adult relapse cases or for patients who need only minor, anterior tooth movement.
  • Maximum patient comfort with brackets placed only on the anterior 6-8 teeth, you can choose 1 arch or both.
  • Average treatment time 6-9 months.
  • For patients that demand invisible, comfortable and convenient care.

The optimal in esthetics

Incognito lingual braces are hidden behind your teeth using the latest orthodontic advancement. Your teeth are scanned using our digital scanner and the scans are then used by 3M computer technology to custom fabricate each bracket so that it is as small as possible while adapting intimately with your tooth’s surface. You can have the smile you have always wanted while avoiding the braces look you’ve always dreaded. You can have it all!

  • 458 South Tamiami Trail
    Osprey, FL 34229

Easy access from Sarasota and Venice from I-75 or US 41