Accelerated Orthodontics


“We had a limited time to address my smile concerns, but Dr. Moricz introduced accelerated options that improved my smile in months.”
– Henri Lin, Sarasota, Florida

Achieve the perfect smile in no time

In an ongoing effort to offer the the most patient centered treatment, we have incorporated various techniques to address one common request of our patients – “Can you make it go any faster?” The simple answer is yes, we can. There are two broad ways to speed up the treatment time. The first is by actually increasing the rate at which the teeth and bone move. This can be achieved with Acceledent, VPro5, Propel or Wilkodontics (aka Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics). The second way in which we can shorten the treatment time is by offering a partial or limited treatment option that focuses on the patient’s chief concern.

50% Faster

Micro-osteoperferations speed up orthodontic tooth movement. An easy in-office procedure and cut the amount of time you spend in braces, Invisalign or Clear Correct by 50%. If you are in a hurry, ask us about Propel Orthodontic treatment.

Speed and Comfort

Not only can AcceleDent help you achieve your healthy, beautiful smile up to twice as fast, but it can also reduce discomfort associated with braces and aligners by up to 71%.

Braces or Aligners

Accelerated techniques can be used with braces or aligners, full or partial treatment.

State of the Art Technology

Leading research in orthodontic technology has shown that we can increase the speed at which we move the teeth by stimulating the bone that surrounds the teeth. Teeth move through a process called bone remodeling. When force is applied to the teeth, bone cells (osteoblasts and osteoclasts) are mobilized around the root of the tooth. This cellular response causes changes in the bone surrounding the tooth, enabling orthodontics to guide tooth movement. Dr. Moricz is happy to discuss your unique needs to determine which methods of accelerated orthodontics are best for you.

The Latest Advances in Orthodontics

Propel stimulates the bone that surrounds the teeth by performing micro-osteoperforations (creating tiny holes in the bone that surrounds the tooth). This stimulation causes tooth movement to be accelerated and the bone regrowth to be improved. This procedure is done in our office with the use of topical or local anesthesia. The effects of Propel can last for up to 12 weeks. A series of treatments can be performed every 3 months as needed. Propel works beautifully for patients who have severe malalignment of one or a few teeth or who have a stubborn or large space.

Wilkodontics, also known as Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (AOO), is a minimally invasive surgical procedure, usually done under general anesthesia, in which a small portion of your alveolar bone’s external surface is removed. This is the bone that surrounds and holds your teeth. For a short period of time, the bone’s mineral content will be decreased, allowing your braces to quickly move your teeth into their desired positions. Your alveolar bone will heal quickly and actually become stronger than it was before the procedure. If this procedure is right for you, Dr. Moricz will work closely with a periodontist who will perform the procedure. 

This procedure can minimize the time you are in braces by up to 50%, can help those with preexisting periodontal issues or previous bone loss. This procedure is done using teamwork between Moricz Orthodontic and one of the skilled periodontists in the are who have been trained in Wilkodontics. Ask us if an osteogenic orthodontic procedure is right for you.

Express Treatments

Some patients do not want or need full orthodontic treatment or partial orthodontic treatment. Many patients have a specific esthetic or functional concern, such as a space between their front teeth, lower crowding or need for pre-restorative alignment that do not require full treatment and can be addressed in a much shorter time frame. These partial treatments often require only a limited number of braces on a few teeth, such as Incognito Lite or a short period of treatment with clear aligners. Partial treatments can be combined with the accelerating procedures mentioned above for maximum efficiency.
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