3D Dental Imaging

What is 3D Dental Imaging?

There is so much to your oral health than what meets the eye. And, 3D dental imaging lets us see the full picture. 3D dental imaging gives us a better look at your teeth, bite, soft tissue, and jawbone in a single scan.

How is 3D Dental Imaging Used for Orthodontics?

When it comes to orthodontics, we look at how your mouth functions as a whole. From your lip placement to your tongue to your teeth spacing and jaw strength – it all must be harmonious for optimal function. 3D imaging shows us where you need the most adjusts from all angles. We then have a more educated idea of how to treat you.

What are the Benefits of 3D Dental Imaging?

More accurate depictions of oral health

Better treatment plans

Faster Diagnosis

Looking to See the Best Orthodontist in Sarasota?

Our diagnosis and ability to treat you is rooted in our ability to define the issue. 3D dental imaging allows us to get the best possible look at what’s going on in your mouth, allowing us to provide premier orthodontic services.

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